Getting Started

Hello World!!!!

Welcome to my blog!!!! The Lord, has been prompting me to start a blog, and after some prayer the Lord, gave me a huge peace about it, and said “you are ready!” and well here I am.. Now first thing’s first, my grammar is really bad so if you are an English Major I sincerely apologize, and please take it easy on me, because English is not my strong suite.

Secondly, I really feel like the Lord is going to bless this blog because it’s something that he wanted me to do, and he even gave me the title, so… my prayer is that you are blessed by reading this and encouraged, and that you will feel the Lord in a really big way!! Even if no one reads this blog that’s totally fine, but I pray that you will see my longing to seek the Lord more and more within the words that I write.. so… with all of that said… Here it goes, and I hope you guys really enjoy this and be blessed.

  • SM

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