Something New


The Lord is doing something so amazing and new in my life, somethings are hard to explain, but the joy and peace that the Lord has given me is so beyond amazing and underestimated. This season of depth with not only my family but also with the Lord has been nothing short of a growing experience.

Something happens when we go through this process called growth. We learn and realize that those seasons are more than just seasons they are things that we treasure, because these are the times in our life when we get a chance to look back and see the growth that we have done, we see the hand of God, all over it even though through some of those seasons we didn’t see them. The Lord, wants to sit down and talk to us if we take the time to fall to our knees in full adoration for our savior. When, we go to the Lord expecting something he does nothing short of a miracle he does a blessing in your life that you never would have understood.
When, we sit down and truly understand what it means to fall in love with him and his presence it’s an understanding that not a lot of people can truly understand. See, when we take the time to go in depth with the Lord, the Lord does something absolutely amazing, and astonishing, he take our breath away, because we really start to see, what it means to be truly immersed in his grace and love. We, just have to take the time to sit down in prayer and realize that the Lord, has something/s he wants to share with us, if we take the time to sit down and listen to his voice he will tell us.
The Lord, is so good and full of advice full of everything we could ever possibly imagine.
We, just have to sit down and take the time to listen, to him, and he is so ready to tell us so much about him if we take the time to hear him talk.

– SM –