We’ll start at the beginning ( a very good place to start 😉). The moment we hear about Jesus is the moment we hear about our relationship with God. We start hearing it when the pastor or someone says, ” If you want Jesus to be the Lord of your life ask him to come into your heart.” or ” If you want a RELATIONSHIP with God let him come in”. At that moment we have a choice to decide do we want Jesus in our lives yes or no. Simple yes, maybe at the moment or maybe at the realization that your broken heart is in need for a savior or a friend to come in, whenever you decide to have that journey is when you start your relationship with God.

We grow in our love and appreciation for him when we spend time in his word when we open it up and start to see just how much he wants to talk to us through worship, through someone or simply through just sitting down, and reading his word. We grow and that part of our heart becomes a well a deep well were we store all the things we know and will eventually learn about God.

As of a couple of weeks ago I was visiting my grandparents and sitting down to pray with them as we always do before we leave the next day, and while I was sitting there listening to my grandmother pray the Lord really struck something in me. My grandmother has a relationship with God just as much as I have one with him. She might be at a place in her  life now that she is older and can pass down her wisdom, but she is still as much capable to have a deep meaningful relationship with the Lord as much as I am.

What makes me think that just because my grandmother is 85 years old,  she can’t have a relationship with my lord and creator of this world? It wasn’t until that moment that I looked around and saw my mom, grandmother, sister, and grandfather not only as member of my family, and people, but as children of God, people who might be at different levels of there walk with the Lord, but at the end of it all it’s still a RELATIONSHIP with him. Mine, might be different than theirs, but there is no need for me to label or to compare mine to theirs simply by saying that just because I’m younger my relationship is deeper and more meaningful than theirs. This is not a competition to see who is holier than thou, this is a place to see your brothers and sisters in Christ in a different light.

My grandfather who I call (Abuelo) had been very raw and open about his doubt and the frustration he was facing with God at the moment with unanswered prayers.

Little background on my grandfather, he was on the road to be a pastor when his marriage ended up in a divorce. Which made him change his degree, and now he has his Doctors in physiology, so needless to say my grandfather is a very smart man, and for 93 he is healthy as a horse and not at all loosing his mind (thank you Jesus).

One thing my grandfather and I discuss a lot while we are there is theology, my grandfather has hundreds of books on theology next to his chair and is always hungry to learn and know more about Jesus, but as I sat there staring at my grandfather who I love so dearly and admire and hope to one day make him proud, I started to realize something I already knew but needed to be reminded of, there is a HUGE difference between head knowledge and heart knowledge. My grandfather is so full of head knowledge about all these wonderful things about Jesus, that I started to see that maybe just maybe he had started to neglect his heart knowledge of the Lord.

It’s like two different planets. The knowledge you know of the Lord in your head cannot compare to the need of the heart relationship you need to have with the Lord. Your heart is a very raw and soft place where the Lord can speak to you directly and it can alter the way you think feel and know about something. The Lord desires for you to know about him in a place of beauty and grace and a place where it’s fragile but also very soft. There are times when our head knowledge can get in our way and make us over think or even choose not to hear Gods word on the matter simply because we have all the facts right. The thing is the Lord wants to move in your heart because that’s where it all began with him. It didn’t start in the head it started with the heart. God started this world because he desired to have a relationship with you the thought of you yes, but he loved you before you were even in your mothers stomach. The heart is where he knocks and you let him in, the heart is where you speak to him and let him speak to you back. The heart is so fragile and special that God even tells us to protect it.

We need to realize that our heart is so much different than the head knowledge we get and receive at school, church and at bible study our head is full of what our heart desires and what we put in our heart. Even though we are not suppose to follow our heart because at times our heart is deceitful and can be hurt and broken, it is God who holds it all together an calls your name and says, your heart might be broken but your heart knows the sound and voice of the Lord and that’s why we follow it because our heart always leads us back to the cross and the word of the Lord.

Proverbs 3:5 ” Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”

Proverbs 4:23 ” Above all else, guard your heart , for everything you do flows from it.”

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